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Welcome to IT Services San Diego! We specialize in the management of all your IT needs for small, medium or home based businesses. Our services Include planning, installation and repair of your critical technology resources with hourly, daily or weekly management and turnkey solutions. We can provide you and your team with a complete IT solution and help lower your costs across the board.

IT Services San Diego offers a diverse staff of IT professionals

        To Your Location




IT Services San Diego's Mobile computer lab
IT Services San Diego offer wireless and wired networking

   Servers, Networks, PC Repair

We handle the Installation, monitoring and repair of Macs, Pc's, servers and networks. From a single workstation up to 250! We also secure your internet and onsite access to your valued data resources. Providing a complete IT solution, we install, manage and monitor your network and attached devices.

Caring for our environment by safely and

responsibly disposing of all your ewaste.

IT Services San Diego offer virus remediation and software


Got Hacked? Not only can we clean up the virus we can stop it from happening again.  Get in touch with us before you have an issue and we can help keep your data confidential and your network secure.

We provide network security, which includes but is not limited to, data loss prevention, virus protection, viral outbreak remediation as well as other high level data access security installations. All solutions are designed to lock out intruders and secure your systems and intellectual property.

IT Services San Diego offers mobility computing


In today's mobile world we can make sure that you and your employees are always on top of their game. Wireless cellular routers, access points, and mobile security systems, all with costs in mind. Mobile computing management is another one of our specialties and is the best way a company can maximize its productivity, sales or marketing on the go.

IT Services San Diego offers managed IT

Serving San Diego and Orange County

Experienced Staff

IT Services Info-TRON

IT Services San Diego offers managed IT

Disaster Recovery

IT Services San Diego offers IT sercurity

Complete IT Security

Friendly and Knowledgeable

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. WAN and LAN Networking

3. Cloud Storage and Data backup

Infrastructure Services

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

- Managed IT and solutions, we augment our IT staff with technology and operations experts to give your company all the support you need for success in both areas.


- WAN and LAN Networking, including design, installation and repair.


- Cloud Storage, Data Backup and Cloud Computing. We can analyze your storage and data backup needs, install new or repair of your current data backup and storage devices while providing you with the necessary security for your precious intellectual property on site, or in the cloud.

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