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IT Services San Diego - Individuals with a single idea for success!

Founded in San Diego, California in 2012, IT Services San DIego is a group of trained, experienced and talented professionals that share your ideas for success. Our staff of IT professionals offer the best in technology and process improvement services for home based or small to medium size businesses.

Technology Service gap-

Our founder noticed a lack of ability for a small company to properly analyze, plan and manage their technology assets, as a large company could easily do with their regular IT staff.  While an IT staff would be welcome it is an expensive venture and just not practical for smaller companies. At IT Services we augment your staff of professionals and assign you a contracted IT Manager or Technician at your site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They will be there to listen to you and your staff and to repair, analyze and implement solutions that help your business strive and grow. Please ask about our "Once a Week" service plan that places a technician in your office!





Listening to the needs of customers-

The IT Services San DIego management team believes in listening to our customers dreams for their business success and help them determine how to develop a clear path to that very success. Customer satisfaction is our goal no matter how big or small the job! Many customers like our ability to talk extensively about topics concerning business technology and specifically about their technology requirements. We never fail to hear about how many IT consultants have come up short in fulfilling their needs in the past. The answer is clear that if you love what you are talking about it comes easy to you. It also pays to have a commitment to customer service! We love the subject of technology and serving our customers. Our passion for our work will spill over onto you for the most productive business customer/vendor relationship that you may have ever experienced.





Customer Service Guarantee-

We strongly believe in the idea that you don't need a customer service department if you simply listen to your customer. We decided to do just that! Going to great lengths to make sure you are satisfied with the service you contracted for as well as the final outcome. If there are issues with our service we will make them right! When we have customers that want a little more than they can pay for we find solutions that fit their budget and give them the desired results. We want to be your lifetime partner for technology and take part in making your business successful. 




IT Services San Diego offers a diverse team
IT Services San Diego works hard to manage your IT needs
IT Services San Diego works hard to satisfy its customers
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