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"Quality Installations at a lower cost!"

Install Tech

San Diego

Installation Services

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Quality Installations done at a lower cost!

No Job is Too Small!

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Finding the right person to install simple items around your home or business can be a challenge. Quality, cost and getting the install done are all factors that can cause something simple to turn into a reall problem. Not for the technicians at Install Tech! We work on small or large installs around your home or business with a guarantee to do a quality install quickly with a cost below what you expected to pay!

We Install.....

  • Appliances

  • Light switches, Timers, AC outlets, automated and standard.

  • Faucets

  • Irrigation electrical system repair and troubleshooting

  • Regular and automated door locks

  • Lights and ceiling fixtures

  • Vertical and Hortizonal Blinds

  • Shelving Closet units

  • HD TV installation including wall mounted installs

  • Surveillance camera network installation

  • Automated garage door repair and installation

  • Large appliance repair and troubleshooting

  • Controlled card access door installation and servicing

"Ask us First!"

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 Ph. 858-863-7024

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