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IT Services that fit to your environment-

        Once A Week Geek TM

IT Services San Diego steps to success

An exclusive service provided to our customers!. Once a week, bi-weekly or monthly our professional IT technicians serve as your onsite resources to help employees, talk to managers about their technical issues or complete all the help desk tasks that can make your company more productive and cut costs.

       Server Installation and Support

IT Services San Diego networking

Let's face it the server infrastructure at your workplace can be a "make or break" issue. Servers are complicated machines that require proper selection, installation and monitoring to provide peak performance and reliability! Our professionals have installed hundreds of servers that have provided thousands of hours of reliable service to the businesses that use them. We taylor installations to your work space, whether you have a server room or cubicle style work place. We offer monitoring of your server systems to insure that they are in proper working order and that your data is secure. Call us first for an evaluation and quote!

   Employee Desktop Support

IT Services San Diego manages your IT needs

We offer a full line of desktop support services, including PC and Mac repair, software installation, anti-virus installation, virus outbreak remediation and hacker defensive training. Employees today need all the support they can get! Unfortunately the cost for this support has sky rocketed to the point where most small or medium sized companies cannot afford it! Unfortunately they are falling behind larger competitors. IT Services will design a support plan based on your company's size and daily needs. Employees are less stressed when they know that IT support is available to help them be as productive as possible!

     Data Backup and Cloud Services

IT Services San Diego offers cloud networking

Backup performance is one area were our new clients always seem to fall short. Either they have they wrong type of backup system or they aren't backing up the correct files each night. Most importantly they don't check the backup each day to make sure that it is actually working. When they have an issue they find out that the most important files have not been backed up for days, weeks or even months! We specailize in self monitoring backup systems that store the data onsite, offsite, or in protected storage somewhere in the cloud. Call us today before you find out an issue exists that could cost you precious data or time.

IT Services San Diego offers complete networking

The computer network is the life blood of any successful business. A network that crashes, lacks speed or connectivity cannot fully serve the employees and becomes a liability not an asset! Our services include analyzing your network and recommending solutions. We can install or repair your network within the time frame required to startup or keep your business running smoothly. We also offer continuous monitoring to insure that maximum performance is always achieved at your workplace. We can also build in secure remote access capabilities to maximize management and employee productivity.

 LAN and Wireless Network Installation

                          and Support

Small and Home Business Support

IT Services San Diego is ideal for small and home based businesses

Home and small business support is one of our specialities. We all fight over who is going to take the next call! The reason for this is that we have found that we can be very beneficial to businesses of this size, whether you have one PC/Mac or ten. We offer you the opportunity to have an IT department without having to pay the full cost for the resources. While your company may be small, you don't have to think small when it comes to IT Services. We give you as much support as required but no more than you need. All this at a very reasonable cost that fits nicely into your budget. When looking over your business expenditures at the end of the year you will realize that our IT Services were worth every penny. Let us help you succeed today!

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