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Web Design, Business Startup and Automotive IT Services are also available!


 We stand out from the rest with trained automotive IT mechanics that can diagnose automotive technology issues using state of the art equipment. We also install mobile wifi and other automotive technologies. Additionally we have staff that can assist you in website design and other business startup services.  

IT Services San Diego offers website design and installation
Website Design and Support


Let's face it your website is your online calling card! It needs to express your companies ability to provide parts, support or service! We can design a website to give you the best possibility to express the value of your company. We offer website design and support so that you can concentrate on running your business. Website designs for product sales (POS), professional services, sales support, fulfilment, fund raising or personal hobbies are well within our scope. We offer a wide variety of service plans that fit virtually every budget. 

IT Services San Diego offers business startup services
Business Start-Up Services


When starting a business you need a technolgy partner that not only saves you money but is able to be in tune with you and your vision for success. We listen and design a technology plan that you can afford and fits your business model. We do all of the procurement work for you regarding software, hardware and any needed resources. If technology is not your forte you need advice on getting the job done right the first time. From the start you will realize that we are in the mix for the success of your business.

IT Services San Diego offers automotive IT diagnosis
Automotive IT Services


All automobiles today are contolled by a computer called an ECU. We can plug into these units to make quick diagnostics and recommend repairs. Additonally we can reprogram these devices to make sure that your car runs efficiently and still meet all smog and operational regulations. Other service include installation of celluar wifi systems, dash cameras, diagnosis and repair of TPMS and other on-board wireless systems and devices. We can also install video dash cam systems, GPS Tracking systems, and Celluar mobility systems (CarFi). 

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