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Once A Week Geek TM


An exclusive service provided to our customers! Once a week, bi-weekly or monthly our professional IT technicians serve as your onsite resources to help employees, talk to managers about their technical issues or complete all the help desk tasks that can make your company more productive and cut costs.

Friendly and Knowlegable


A friendly face when you need help is always good to see! Our professionals are the best in the industry. Lets face it the last thing you need is someone whom you need help from to be in a bad mood. We go to exceptional lengths to make sure our employees understand how important the customer is to our business. You will not find more friendly and knowledgeable technicians than the people that wear our company colors. Everyone at IT Services is committed to making sure that you are satisfied with our service!


We provide our own equipment to serve you


We have all of the latest workstations that will seamlessly blend into your computer network. Mac or PC does not matter as our technicians are versed in both. Additionally we can provide servers to boost your network performance and qualify improvements to your technolgy infrastructure before you purchase any new systems. Equipment rentals and assistance with your technology purchases is also available.

Service is our Goal

We provide world class service to our customers whether they have one computer or dozens. We are IT Services San Diego! Our team is here to help you or your company succeed with your technology goals. Call us today for a more secure technological environment tomorrow!


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