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New Mac OS issues...

Mac Users have yet another issue with the Mac OS Sierra (OS12) that is probably a creep over from El Capitan (OS11). Driver installs for printer and other devices do not work correctly and require that you work with the manufacturer of the device for a solution. We have had customers with Brother laser printers having several issues with installing the drivers on new workstations set up with either Apple's El Capitan or Sierra OS. After calling Brother technical support a new driver was quickly written, tested and issued to their online support site. The basic problem is that most manufacturers now consider the consumer the beta test site and will not make the effort to correct a problem until a complaint is registered. Consumers must be forthright in reporting a problem in technologies that they purchased in good faith that they will work with new operating systems that come out in the future. After all if someone told you that a device would not work with the next operating system issued from Apple or Microsoft you probably would not have purchase it. When you have issues with the manufacturer of any computer device do not hesitate to seek help from a qualified source such a s IT Services San Diego!

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